President Trump: What It Means For The Liberals, Republicans, and Independents Alike

Libtards, a degrading title for liberals who strongly believe in their views. In numerous occasions they’ve been referred to as SJWs, feminazis, etc. I’m one of them, so don’t be surprised if this article is a bit biased- but I am in no means intending to insult or degrade anyone who opposes my views, but I would simply like to express my thoughts on the matter.


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It was just a couple of days ago, 3 days to be precise, that the democrat runner Hillary Clinton conceded and gave the position of President of the United States to the man we now call “President Trump”. Riots, backlashes, numerous incidents have occurred since his coronation, and whilst I am highly against his appointment, I do not wish the man any harm. Therefore, I feel as though my fellow liberals are taking things too far with their actions. United States of America is all about unity, diversity, and freedom. However, from the past couple of days, I’ve been unsure about what this truly meant.

Due to recent scandals, both Trump and Hillary have been ostracized by their opposing parties- Clinton with her crooked ways and deleted emails, and Trump with his collection of misogynistic, racist, and xenophobic- boo boos. In short, both have done some pretty terrible things. However, what truly disappointments me is that after Trump’s election, numerous people have come from the dark, and what they have to say are pretty terrifying. It’s the Brexit all over again.

Humans really have progressed; we went from a period of acceptance and freedom, back to hatred and abuse. Why? I’m not so sure myself. Maybe it’s due to our impulsiveness, wanting to express our deepening hatred for a certain focus- and letting it explode at any given moment. Honestly, both parties, democrats and republicans alike, have shown a sense of inhumanity during this time. Republicans expressed their joy for the election of Trump, which I think is still wrong, whilst the Democrats mourned via holding violent protests and expressing their hatred on the matter. Meanwhile, the independents are reaching new levels of pride, acting high and mighty for their ability to deduce the stupidity of both sides. There’s no more humble individuals, just a group of hate filled monsters.

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate, only love can do that.” – Martin Luther King Jr.

I’m reminded of a song I heard when I was very young, a song entitled “Where is The Love?” by The Black Eyed Peas. Maybe it’s time this song makes its return, because clearly people need to question themselves, where is the love? People have been so focused on proving themselves right that they’ve let their prides get the best of them, destroying friendships, respects, and sometimes even family. Isn’t it sad?


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As a democrat, I have had my fair share of hate filled words towards Trump, especially a couple of days ago when he was elected. I’m truly ashamed for it, but I won’t take it back. It was what I had felt during that moment, and I won’t deny that. But they were merely whims, what I saw from others in my Facebook page alone truly frightened me. People have forgotten their sense of humanity, instead letting their hate get the better of them.

I’m done with all the hate, with all the struggles. My despise for Trump’s election will never fade, but I choose to see the best in the situation. I choose to have hope- to see the best in Trump. In truth, this sensation came in earlier than what I had expected, when he began to compliment Hillary, I immediately felt a sense of hope- maybe he won’t be as bad as people think.

Sure, he’s had…”boo boos” before his election, but much like how I believed people can change (such as Clinton), I chose to believe that Trump could possibly change too. Maybe he can be a good leader- not the best mind you, that position belongs to Obama in my eyes, but I think there’s a possibility he may be able to bring unity among the people. But clearly he cannot do that when riots are breaking out- some think Trump will be the one to cause a war, when it is clear the people are the ones setting the war off themselves. Stop letting pride take over you, find your humanity, find hope.

Democrats vs Republicans, who will win?



Feminism- How Stupid Can People Be?

Tonight, I inadvertently joined a Women’s Rights rally: Reclaim The Night. Before you judge me based on my use of “inadvertently”, hear me out. I was on my way to the train when I saw a rally making its way around town. There were many participants, all willing to fight for what they believe in. As an activist, I wanted to join, I felt the need to. However, everyone seemed to be in groups, so I had some second thoughts. Alone? I’m not so sure. But no more than a second later, my mind was made up, and I immediately jumped in and joined them.

“Reclaim the Night! Rape is rape! Yes Means Yes, No Means No! Women’s rights! Fight, fight, fight!” I uttered and shouted those words from the top of my lungs as I marched across the streets of Sydney and voiced my beliefs out. I have never been in an activists’ rally before, but the overwhelming faith I had in humanity was at an all time high. These people were willing to fight for what they believe in, wanting to protect women from the ongoing harassment, even if some in the streets ridiculed them, whilst others whispered about its ludicrous nature.

“Rape is difficult to prove”, something that I’ve been told before. There have been times when false accusations have occurred, but it does not come close to the amount of actual victims proving they have been raped, and yet people are willing to look the other way due to such instances.

Social Justice Warriors, individuals whom fight for a cause they strongly believe in, though at times can be over the top. Many perceive these individuals as crazy, pseudo-intellectual, and just flat out clueless and moronic. They’re constantly alienated from having an opinion because they voice their heart out. Some would call this a dangerous social move; you can either go against the cause, or reach extremist levels. However, whilst such labeling is meant to be an insult, I am not ashamed to identify myself as one. Fight or quit right?

However, the ones whom identify as stupid to me are the self-contradicting misogynists whom believe they’re all for equality of both genders, but are actually attempting to achieve an alpha status. Egalitarians believe in equality for both genders, therefore there is no discrimination in their words towards either genders. However, pseudo-egalitarians are those whom say they fight for both men and women’s rights, but continue to insult feminists everywhere. Ridiculous and over the top as some feminists may be, they are still fighting for the rights of women, and such modern self-righteous warriors seem to think by insulting these individuals, they themselves are morally and politically correct. Self-contradicting much? I suppose that was more of a jab towards those kinds of people, but such individuals are definitely of the lower common denominator.

Today’s society, whilst is aware of women’s rights, continue to pretend its been fully implemented. However, the truth of the matter is, discrimination towards women still exist. Inequality still rules over the equality, but many prefer to look the other way. They’re no better than those who overlook Donald Trump’s locker talk.

The strong individuals whom walked alongside me as we all marched through the streets of Sydney, those are the ones I admire, the ones I perceive as heroes. I’m not one of them, I had a moment of weakness, had I let that rule over me I would have just stood in the sidelines. I still had doubt inside me. However, these individuals wholeheartedly committed to the cause, and for that, they are the heroes in my eyes.

As for the movement as a whole, being Reclaim the Night, check out their website at ( You’ll learn a lot about their philosophy from there.

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The Disastrous Age of the Gen Alphas


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The Age of the Gen Alphas:  where learning is overpriced, job opportunities within hospitality are belittled, and majority would rather watch the movie than read the book. I think my only question is, where did it all go wrong?

Post-Millennials like myself are said to be the iGeneration, due to our capability to easily adapt to technology, and because we were born within the era of technology’s rise. Whilst technology has definitely brought the world up its feet, it’s certainly had its downs too. Par example, I suppose people are becoming lazier- that includes me to be honest. I won’t be a hypocrite towards this matter. However, my issue is, people are reliant on technology that they’re becoming dumber. The amount of useful information against useless once must be equal online, but I think it’s a shame people are starting to lose interest in knowledge itself, and would rather rely on technology. That’s how far it’s gone.

Personally, I highly despise eBooks. Sure they’re simply a digital format of the story, but I feel as though that’s another issue to be brought up. It’s been theorized that too much screen time can strain our eyes, and the creation of eBooks seem to worsen this. Why are we still seemingly ditching the books? To save nature? Well, I suppose that’s true. But there must be a balance; a middle, much like it had been in the past.

Moving on, I wanted to bring up the belittling of those who work in fast food franchises. Recently, I started working in KFC as a customer service team member. I’m not saying this so as to create a protective bubble around me, but rather, I wanted to explore my respect for those who work within this field. I’ve always respected them, though not everyone is like that, some show clear disrespect. See, I’ve only been working for a month, and I have to be honest, whilst I do enjoy it, the job itself can be very difficult, especially during rush hours. Not to add problematic customers. But I digress, no matter how difficult it may be, I still enjoy it, I suppose the fast pace and social interaction is part of the fun. But the feeling of accomplishment at the end of each shift, that’s definitely my favourite part. Sure I still mess up, but I’m learning, and I’m enjoying that too- gaining experience.


A couple of months ago, I was in sheer panic. Before my last minute option to go study in Sydney, I was having a difficult time deciding where to go. Sure, my parents and I came to a compromise of studying in my second home country, but I didn’t feel that it was enough. I wanted something new, something exciting. So whenever I had the opportunity to go to University and College Fairs, I sought the chance. I think besides their amazing hot air, the other thing these universities had in common was how overpriced they were. Literally, attending in one of them could lead me to years of debt, not to mention how long they took to complete. Well, actually I didn’t mind that. But the payment price, I think it was too much. I didn’t know knowledge could be so expensive, especially since I could easily access these things online. The only difference would be is that in the end, you get a framed piece of paper that you get to show off as one of your accomplishments. Okay that does sound pretty great- gives us a chance to feel even more entitled than we already do.

So, who do we blame for these developments? The baby boomers? The millennials? Post millennials? Am I simply using references people might not be aware of? Maybe. However, what I can definitely say is that, things can only get better. Majority of both millennials and post millennials are being belittled nowadays (mostly by baby boomers), however, the important thing to remember is that while our generations tend to be highly optimistic and idealistic, these characteristics have helped many successful individuals get to where they are (or were). Now, I’m not saying that everyone gets their chance, that’s a Death of A Salesman American Dream rookie mistake- but if you think and believe (and have the resources) to see your goals through, I say keep your head high, and keep on going. Don’t let these big things get in the way of achieving ultimate success. Aim high, but not too high that you’ll hit a plane. Keep things realistic, whilst being idealistic at the same time.

Heroes of Unity: America’s Immigration Issues

Although recent developments have revealed that Republican Nominee, Donald Trump, is a clear violator of what America truly stands for, such issues are clearly reflected within the show ‘Supergirl’.


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Its recent episode “Welcome to Earth”, continues to tackle on the issue of alien immigration within the Earth, and whilst it does not openly criticize the actions of said nominee, it does strongly reflect upon it. Madame President, portrayed by Lynda Carter, is a clear reflection of the soon to be retired Barack Obama, attempting to unite people of all kinds. In this episode, we watch as Kara Danvers is given a subtext and on-screen dilemma due to her passion for the acceptance of aliens, whilst at the same time tracking down a refugee, whom she constantly has had to have a beat down, physically and verbally, with upon meeting.

Judging a book by it’s cover, and old saying, but applies very well nonetheless. Supposing this may be tackling the issue of contradiction within individuals who believe they are doing good for the world with their xenophobia, it does clearly reflect the now deteriorating America. However, Miss Danvers is the beacon of good, both as her civilian self and heroic persona, thus she gives this refugee a chance. If only real people were as accepting as these fictional characters, we would be closer to so called “World Peace”.

Political topics is no stranger to this show, neither is its on-your-face preaching. However, its method of providing a level of morale into the show does work quite well, definitely much better than last season’s. I could go on about the show, but I think I’ve said all that I needed to as a topic starter.

Growing up, I’ve always had a strong admiration for America’s level of acceptance and its liberty. When the word ‘freedom’ is said, this country comes to mind. However, is it too much? The idea of this liberal country seems to be exacerbated by how much its citizens have abused that right. Indeed, it is a right- something other countries don’t have. Yet, somehow its constantly abused to the point where I’m made to think that perhaps liberty isn’t such a great ideology.

Superman fights for the “Truth, Justice, and the American Way”- but what exactly is the so called “American Way”? It seems as of lately, this has been split between the country’s party of republicans and democrats. Since I have labelled myself a liberal, I cannot say that I can write this article fairly, as I’m sure some of my democratic passion has slipped in here. But what I can assure is that whilst people such as myself want more unity in the world, we simply can’t help but contradict ourselves due to the opposing views others have. Some views can be understood, and agreed with; others are simply far too inexcusable. An example would be is that some still stand for Trump, even though he had some “locker talk” issues. At first, I was alright with Trump, he seemed like a decent candidate, actually rather funny, it would be like Kanye West himself running for President. But I think his blatant disrespect and flat out terrible attitude is what’s lead most voters to the brink, to the point where they would rather vote for the “Crooked Hillary”, than Trump.


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Ask yourself this, are you a hero of unity? What is unity all about, and how exactly can one become a hero of unity? Merely having a sense of political and social morality does not qualify you as one, but rather, being able to make a difference and truly bringing people together, that is what qualifies you to become a hero of unity. I must admit I am not one myself, and I will try to work on that, but there are many inspirational others out there whom we can definitely look up to (Darren Criss for example). I didn’t want to end this on such a note, but I felt that it works well with the theme of Supergirl.