Johnny’s Summer Fashion

With the summer heat slowly approaching Sydney, I say it’s time to begin choosing the right outfits carefully, and so to commemorate the beginning of my first Sydney summer, I have come up with my clothes line of what can be comfortable and fashionable at the same time for summer!

Introducing, the Summer Budget Line:

As a student, budgeting is the key element to successfully making it through the year, and so, working with what you’ve got is the best way to go. In front of you are outfits I have bought cheaply from numerous shops both in Sydney and Qatar, let me  break them down:


Shirt #1: Purple with Square Patterns – $11 from Qatar!

Shirt #2: Plain Blue Dress Shirt – S20 from Australia!

Shirt #3: Blue, Green, and Yellow Plaid – S15 from Qatar!

Shorts #1: Simple Grey Shorts – $10 from an Australian Sale!

Shorts #2: Commando Plaid – S20 from Qatar!

Belt: Batman Belt from Jay Jays – $4 from Australia!

Bag: Retro Canvas and Belt Design Messenger Bag – $50 from Tmart

Overall, these outfits cost me $130, which honestly isn’t too bad considering they’re not cheap knock offs, but they’re absolutely great as summer wear due to their airy nature, making you feel less hot than you already are!

Good luck with you summer!


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