The New Old Stuff: World Of Winx Review


One thing I’ve always been proud of is my innate ability to admit to the unconventional things I do, and one of them is my love for female demographic focused shows. One of my all time favourite show as a child was the Winx Club. I remember going home quite early every day for a couple of years just to watch it. Not once did I ever deny my love for the show. Its story execution, the way it developed its characters whilst focusing on a sole story line to that of Bloom’s; it was honestly a breath of fresh air from all the stereotypical things I saw on TV then.

Upon moving to Qatar, I took a break from the show, several years actually. It wasn’t until the release of its fourth season, with its main theme as “Winx are back!” that I was into the show once again. It carried over several of the Classic Seasons’ aspects, whilst attempting to create a whole new thing. It was great, I thoroughly enjoyed it. I became an avid fan once more, joining forums, becoming dedicated to the franchise once more. That was until I wasn’t anymore. After its sixth season I had midway given up, the show’s formula became too repetitive, and they’ve even adapted Sailor Moon’s Monster of the Day. So to speak, it became too tiresome, and ultimately I got bored of it. I never had a problem with the show’s girly nature, however, I think there was a point where I felt that Rainbow wasn’t considering its male audience anymore. The show became full on glitter and fashion- the story now lacking, and it even ditched its character development.


Children’s show, that’s what its become. Of course it was originally made for them, but it attracted numerous individuals due to its story execution (and catchy music). But its seventh season became so unbearable, I couldn’t make it past the fifth episode. Long story short, after its fourth season, it just wasn’t the same any longer.

When I had heard of WOW, I wasn’t wowed. The plot seemed silly, and I had every doubt in my heart- I strongly believed it would suck. Straffi had said it would be aimed to its older and loyal fans, meaning me, since the show came out when I was at that age that made me devoted to it. But I guess much like everyone else, I judged too fast. The art style was shifting to be more like its couture incarnation, that didn’t sound favourable to me. Until it was.


Today I binge watched the show, from start to end. It had come out 2 days ago, but I was too busy this week. However, now that I’ve had a taste of WOW, I want more. Watching WOW felt like meeting an old friend, who’s changed so much, for the better.

Firstly, the new art style, definitely changed for the better. The shading, the detail, and the colouring was just beautiful- and it screamed “This is not completely bright”, this is the right kind of tone you’d want in a show about strong women in their 20s saving the world. The voice acting were well executed I’d say- it seems that they’re definitely sticking to Nickelodeon’s version of vocals, seeing as majority of the voices sounded very similar to that dub incarnation. No complaints here, I absolutely loved Romi Dames as Musa, though I do wish she reprise her role in WOW. But the cast for WOW did a phenominal job portraying these characters whilst giving them a personality.

The plot. What can I say, I’m a sucker for strong storytelling. The stupid boyfriend subplots are no more! Instead, we get numerous subplots that revolves around each character, developing them even more- whilst exhibiting their maturity. Did I mention that their foreshadowing techniques were just gold? The main show never seems to do that anymore- Rainbow was probably worried kids would get confused about why Dog Boy Brafilius was what he was if it were broken down. So instead it was explained in one scene in one episode. I mean I pretty much got the Professor Avalon subplot when I was at the tender age of 8, but you know, I guess they think kids are dumber nowadays.

Another aspect I enjoyed about WOW was that whilst Bloom maintained that de facto leader position, the show didn’t carry on as “Bloom and the others”, instead it gave the group the independence to which they can act on their own accord without her. That was constantly touched upon in the newer Winx seasons, but never continued for more than one or two episodes. So it definitely made me happy that the World of Winx were shown as the WINX, not the Bloom Show. In addition, the show truly carries itself, it does not depend on the previous story arcs, but instead intends to make a new story. So, there’s no “BLOOM IS THE CENTER OF IT ALL”, it’s more of they have a mission and they’ll complete it. I may be talking terribly about Bloom, but both she and Musa are my favourite characters. I’m just stating what it is.

There were numerous throwbacks that I highly enjoyed, I think one of the reasons I definitely loved WOW was because it carried the heart of the Classic Winx, whilst being a whole new concept at the same time. The backtrack music was absolutely divine, I have no further comment on it.

As aforementioned, its villain is definitely a step up from the main show. The build up to Tinker Bell was great. What’s even better is that although we have some knowledge to WOW’s villains, we are not immediately shoved information about them, instead we are left to process them bit by bit. In addition, the season ended in a resolution, but didn’t do its cliche movement of destroying the villains permanently, only to reveal they’re still doing well next season. Instead, WOW wowed us all by showing Tinker Bell’s escape, and revealing a plot twist with Jim.

No further spoilers from this point. I strongly suggest you watch it if you were a lover of the Classics- it definitely continues the heart of the original seasons. If the main series were to go by anything,  definitely suggest going by the WOW way. I’m all giddy for the next season already, I can’t wait to see what more Rainbow is going to do.

Positive Notes:

  • Absolutely loved the ending and the opening songs, their style is carried on from the main series.
  • The clear explanation of how the name Dreamix came to be, and how they go it.
  • Spotlight for almost everyone!!!


  • I get the show is a spin-off, but maybe a little bit of explanation about Roxy would be great. Last time we found her, the Winx told the world about their fairyness.
  • Spotlight for almost everyone except maybe Roxy! Wish we saw her transform.
  • Peter Pan world is not my cup of tea, but I guess its okay.

Comment your thoughts on WOW below!


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