Feminism- How Stupid Can People Be?

Tonight, I inadvertently joined a Women’s Rights rally: Reclaim The Night. Before you judge me based on my use of “inadvertently”, hear me out. I was on my way to the train when I saw a rally making its way around town. There were many participants, all willing to fight for what they believe in. As an activist, I wanted to join, I felt the need to. However, everyone seemed to be in groups, so I had some second thoughts. Alone? I’m not so sure. But no more than a second later, my mind was made up, and I immediately jumped in and joined them.

“Reclaim the Night! Rape is rape! Yes Means Yes, No Means No! Women’s rights! Fight, fight, fight!” I uttered and shouted those words from the top of my lungs as I marched across the streets of Sydney and voiced my beliefs out. I have never been in an activists’ rally before, but the overwhelming faith I had in humanity was at an all time high. These people were willing to fight for what they believe in, wanting to protect women from the ongoing harassment, even if some in the streets ridiculed them, whilst others whispered about its ludicrous nature.

“Rape is difficult to prove”, something that I’ve been told before. There have been times when false accusations have occurred, but it does not come close to the amount of actual victims proving they have been raped, and yet people are willing to look the other way due to such instances.

Social Justice Warriors, individuals whom fight for a cause they strongly believe in, though at times can be over the top. Many perceive these individuals as crazy, pseudo-intellectual, and just flat out clueless and moronic. They’re constantly alienated from having an opinion because they voice their heart out. Some would call this a dangerous social move; you can either go against the cause, or reach extremist levels. However, whilst such labeling is meant to be an insult, I am not ashamed to identify myself as one. Fight or quit right?

However, the ones whom identify as stupid to me are the self-contradicting misogynists whom believe they’re all for equality of both genders, but are actually attempting to achieve an alpha status. Egalitarians believe in equality for both genders, therefore there is no discrimination in their words towards either genders. However, pseudo-egalitarians are those whom say they fight for both men and women’s rights, but continue to insult feminists everywhere. Ridiculous and over the top as some feminists may be, they are still fighting for the rights of women, and such modern self-righteous warriors seem to think by insulting these individuals, they themselves are morally and politically correct. Self-contradicting much? I suppose that was more of a jab towards those kinds of people, but such individuals are definitely of the lower common denominator.

Today’s society, whilst is aware of women’s rights, continue to pretend its been fully implemented. However, the truth of the matter is, discrimination towards women still exist. Inequality still rules over the equality, but many prefer to look the other way. They’re no better than those who overlook Donald Trump’s locker talk.

The strong individuals whom walked alongside me as we all marched through the streets of Sydney, those are the ones I admire, the ones I perceive as heroes. I’m not one of them, I had a moment of weakness, had I let that rule over me I would have just stood in the sidelines. I still had doubt inside me. However, these individuals wholeheartedly committed to the cause, and for that, they are the heroes in my eyes.

As for the movement as a whole, being Reclaim the Night, check out their website at (http://www.isis.aust.com/rtn/). You’ll learn a lot about their philosophy from there.

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