The Disastrous Age of the Gen Alphas


Photo Courtesy of Social Factor

The Age of the Gen Alphas:  where learning is overpriced, job opportunities within hospitality are belittled, and majority would rather watch the movie than read the book. I think my only question is, where did it all go wrong?

Post-Millennials like myself are said to be the iGeneration, due to our capability to easily adapt to technology, and because we were born within the era of technology’s rise. Whilst technology has definitely brought the world up its feet, it’s certainly had its downs too. Par example, I suppose people are becoming lazier- that includes me to be honest. I won’t be a hypocrite towards this matter. However, my issue is, people are reliant on technology that they’re becoming dumber. The amount of useful information against useless once must be equal online, but I think it’s a shame people are starting to lose interest in knowledge itself, and would rather rely on technology. That’s how far it’s gone.

Personally, I highly despise eBooks. Sure they’re simply a digital format of the story, but I feel as though that’s another issue to be brought up. It’s been theorized that too much screen time can strain our eyes, and the creation of eBooks seem to worsen this. Why are we still seemingly ditching the books? To save nature? Well, I suppose that’s true. But there must be a balance; a middle, much like it had been in the past.

Moving on, I wanted to bring up the belittling of those who work in fast food franchises. Recently, I started working in KFC as a customer service team member. I’m not saying this so as to create a protective bubble around me, but rather, I wanted to explore my respect for those who work within this field. I’ve always respected them, though not everyone is like that, some show clear disrespect. See, I’ve only been working for a month, and I have to be honest, whilst I do enjoy it, the job itself can be very difficult, especially during rush hours. Not to add problematic customers. But I digress, no matter how difficult it may be, I still enjoy it, I suppose the fast pace and social interaction is part of the fun. But the feeling of accomplishment at the end of each shift, that’s definitely my favourite part. Sure I still mess up, but I’m learning, and I’m enjoying that too- gaining experience.


A couple of months ago, I was in sheer panic. Before my last minute option to go study in Sydney, I was having a difficult time deciding where to go. Sure, my parents and I came to a compromise of studying in my second home country, but I didn’t feel that it was enough. I wanted something new, something exciting. So whenever I had the opportunity to go to University and College Fairs, I sought the chance. I think besides their amazing hot air, the other thing these universities had in common was how overpriced they were. Literally, attending in one of them could lead me to years of debt, not to mention how long they took to complete. Well, actually I didn’t mind that. But the payment price, I think it was too much. I didn’t know knowledge could be so expensive, especially since I could easily access these things online. The only difference would be is that in the end, you get a framed piece of paper that you get to show off as one of your accomplishments. Okay that does sound pretty great- gives us a chance to feel even more entitled than we already do.

So, who do we blame for these developments? The baby boomers? The millennials? Post millennials? Am I simply using references people might not be aware of? Maybe. However, what I can definitely say is that, things can only get better. Majority of both millennials and post millennials are being belittled nowadays (mostly by baby boomers), however, the important thing to remember is that while our generations tend to be highly optimistic and idealistic, these characteristics have helped many successful individuals get to where they are (or were). Now, I’m not saying that everyone gets their chance, that’s a Death of A Salesman American Dream rookie mistake- but if you think and believe (and have the resources) to see your goals through, I say keep your head high, and keep on going. Don’t let these big things get in the way of achieving ultimate success. Aim high, but not too high that you’ll hit a plane. Keep things realistic, whilst being idealistic at the same time.


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